Yanmar Original Meru Anime Project Lives Concept Video – News

Yanmar Original Meru Anime Project Lives Concept Video - News

machinery manufacturer Yanmar Holdings Concept video broadcast of the original anime project anime“>Miro (To Envision) on July 1. The same video also appeared at the Yanmar Gallery along with a giant statue of the main robot mica in anime gallery.

In the anime gallery plate for anime“>Miro On July 3, the staff discussed the development of production. The staff deliberately directed the master Mika design A far cry from the current hero robot design paradigms. When asked if a story would have a villain, the staff said that not only might a story have a villain, but it might not have a traditional hero or conflict.

The team already includes members from both Japan and the United States, and they are thinking of more collaborators not only from those two countries but also from Europe. They explained that the production is not in the process of announcing its release format or medium.

miru. png

The project contains bots of designers from the company, and story scenarios Shigeru Morita (anime“>Lagrangian – Ren Ni flowerAnd anime“>Dark rabbit has seven livesAnd anime“>Giant Insect Island) from Studio No. btrax design firm was approved to assist with the project. (artist YKBX Draw the image above.) Yanmar balances Yanmar Holdings Company design office brand department of robot design, with Yu Iguchi as a concept artist.

The project was exhibited in the South Hall atrium of the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles anime gallery From July 1st to July 4th. The exhibit featured a statue of its main robot, the main visual, and the above concept movie for the anime (YKBX credited as director of the concept film, with sound design credit for Cubesato). Yanmar Chief Business Officer Akihiro Nagaya and CEO of btrax design firm Brandon K. Hill, the artist YKBX appeared in anime“>Miro plate in anime gallery.

source: anime“>Miro‘s anime gallery painting

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