Yamaguchi-kun’s Not So Bad manga returns after a 13-month hiatus News

Yamaguchi-kun's Not So Bad manga returns after a 13-month hiatus News
Manga discontinued in June 2022 due to author Yuu Saeki giving birth

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July issue of Kodansha‘s anime“>Bessatsu’s friend magazine revealed on Tuesday that Yuu Saeki‘s anime“>Yamaguchi-kun isn’t that bad (anime“>Yamaguchi-kun wa WarukunaiThe manga will return after 13 months in the magazine’s next issue on July 13.

The manga stopped in June 2022 due to the author’s birth.

Kodansha USA Publishing She is releasing the manga in English digitally, describing the manga:

Shy Satsuki Shinohara’s plan for her high school debut is nearly ruined by a deviant on the train, but is saved only by the “gangster” student in her class, Yamaguchi-kun. He’s already getting a bad rap with the other students, and even though Satsuki tries to get close to him, he always seems to get away from her grasp. But she’s not one to let a challenge intimidate her, and she’s out to prove that the Yamaguchi universe is much more than what it’s cracked up to be.

Saiki released the manga in anime“>Bessatsu’s friend in 2019 and Kodansha The seventh volume of the manga will be published in June 2022. Kodansha USA Publishing The seventh volume will be released in December 2022.

source: anime“>Bessatsu’s friend July issue

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