The Prince Reincarnated Becomes an Alchemist manga ending volume 4 – News

The Prince Reincarnated Becomes an Alchemist manga ending volume 4 - News

The final manga volume ships out on August 7

© S. Kosugi, Rui Tsukiyo, Arata Shindō, Square Enix

Amazon is listing the fourth volume of translated books S. Kosugi‘s anime“>The reincarnated prince becomes an alchemist and brings prosperity to his country (anime“>From Tensei Ōji wa Renkinjutsushi to Nari Kōkoku Suru) manga adaptation Roy Tsukiyo And Arata ShindouLight novel series with the same title, as the final volume. The volume will be shipped in Japan on August 7th.

The manga has been released Square Enix‘s anime“>AB manga! manga website and app in October 2020. Square Enix The third volume of the compilation manga book will be published in August 2022.

Square Enix‘s AB manga! worldwide The manga website and app publishes the manga digitally and describes the story:

Reborn as the third prince of a small and insignificant country, the hero happens to learn the forbidden and powerful art of alchemy. Combined with his knowledge of modern Japan, the hero’s abilities grow beyond what anyone in his world can comprehend! With his newly acquired powers, he will bring his country back from the brink of extinction…!

A mixture of modern knowledge and alchemy to turn a small, weak country into a thriving nation!

Comic It added the manga to its catalog in April.

Tsukiyo launched the original light novel series on Shōsetsuka ni Narō (Let’s Become Novelists) in January 2019. SB Creative The first volume of the light novel series with illustrations by Shindou was published in October 2019, and the second volume in May 2020.

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