The Morning After: Microsoft’s Bing has over 100 million daily active users, thanks to its chatbot

Who would have thought that anyone would be using Bing in 2023? By choice! Bing surpassed 100 million daily active users a month after launching its AI chatbot, according to Youssef Mahdi, Microsoft vice president of modern life, search, and devices. He said the company is very aware that it’s still only a “small, low, single-digit stock player,” but hey, there was a time when Bing wasn’t part of the conversation.

About a third of Bing Daily Preview users use AI chat for their inquiries. On average, Microsoft sees three chats per session, with more than 45 million chats since it introduced the new Bing. Microsoft has benefited from bundling advanced AI chatbots into its search engine, but dominant player Google is quick to catch up: It introduced its own chatbot, Bard, last month. And as you’ll see from today’s newsletter, it’s been a busy 24 hours for OpenAI and its chatbots.

– Matt Smith

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It provides distortion-free capture of fast-moving sports and industrial processes.

Raspberry Pi component

Raspberry pie

The Raspberry Pi introduces a 1.6MP universal shutter camera module, providing a platform for machine vision, shooting enthusiasts, and more. Universal shutter sensors without aberration or distortion have been promised as the future of cameras for years now, but so far only a handful of products have emerged. Like other universal shutter sensors, the new Raspberry Pi sensor pairs each pixel with an analog storage element, so that optical signals can be captured and stored by all pixels simultaneously. The Global Shutter is now available for purchase for $50.

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GrammarlyGo generates text based on contextual cues.

Grammarly is also getting into generative AI, too, with GrammarlyGo. Its auto-configuration features help the proofreader keep up with companies that add the ChatGPT API (or different AI backends) to their products. The feature can use context such as voice, style, purpose, and where you write to define its approach. So he can broadcast email responses, shorten passages, and rewrite them for tone and clarity, cheer or choose from one-click prompts. The company says it will soon add AI typing to its Premium, Business, Education and Developer plans — and free plans “in select markets.” GrammarlyGo beta will begin rolling out in April.

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Discord is partnering with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT. There’s obviously a chatbot out there, but the company also plans to use machine learning in a handful of new and useful ways. Starting next week, a public trial will leverage Clyde, the built-in bot that Discord uses to notify users of errors and respond to their commands with chat capabilities. The most interesting feature uses OpenAI technology to provide summaries of conversations. When it hits a few servers next week, the feature will generate an overview of chats you might have missed while you were away.

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They range from basic sets to the most advanced TVs with QLED and Dolby Vision.

Earlier this year, Roku announced its own TVs; Now you can choose one from Best Buy. Roku Select sets range from 24 to 75 inches, and Roku Plus TVs come in 55, 65, and 75 inches, all powered by its proprietary streaming platform. Select TVs will start at $149 (with a potential drop to $120 this summer), and Plus models are under $500 — similar to TCL and other partners. You’ll likely be most interested in the Roku Plus series, which has QLED panels, local backlighting for better dimming, 4K Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos-certified speakers.

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