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Sidekick is built on the latest version of Chrome and supports all Chrome features and extensions. Sidekick is the ultimate solution for people with attention problems and for anyone who needs to focus on the internet. However, as a productivity-focused browser, Sidekick adds:

  • An app sidebar so you can quickly access your most used apps
  • The ability to search all your documents and applications
  • The ability to use multiple accounts simultaneously
  • The ability to organize tabs into tab sessions for better focus and less tab clutter


Applications sidebar

Sidekick integrates your web applications to help you stay organized and productive while speeding up your workflow. Multi-account support means you can run multiple Gmail messages from a single app.

Global search and commands

Find anything instantly: contacts, documents, emails, chats. Limit Google search distractions with our address bar that suggests the most relevant pages from your previous work. Use shortcuts for quick navigation.

Opinion split

Split-View is all about simultaneous editing, instant replies, and broken to-do lists. All from one window.


Powerful built-in task manager to organize your day and priorities. Pin a task to your desktop and never forget a thing. Run the Pomodoro timer to manage your work/rest cycles.

Focus and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Replace bad habits with productive ones. Set your own forwarding rules and get back to your to-do list/email automatically when trying to access YouTube or social media.

Stay focused

Turn your browser full of tabs into one neat window to stay focused on work. Block all notifications and focus on the current task.

Adblocker powered by artificial intelligence

You can now watch YouTube ad-free without a premium subscription. Adblock 2.0. Ad blocks and trackers are in the thousands. No ads = faster browsing

Calendar integration

Never miss an important meeting by getting a reminder 2 minutes before it starts. NO MORE WORRY: You don’t have to check your watch or calendar all the time.

Suspender tab

Memory optimization and AI-based tabs make Sidekick 3 times faster than any other browser. Sidekick works equally fast whether you have 5 or 500 tabs open.

Fingerprint defense and VPN

Our anti-tracking technology randomizes the data used by fingerprint algorithms, making it very difficult to associate your visits with specific websites and build your behavioral profile. In addition, the Sidekick Teams plan has a built-in VPN that hides your IP address. Altogether, tracking you is now next to impossible.

Organize your life

Eliminate tab clutter with sessions. This tool helps you group, save, and open tabs without making a mess. Stay focused on a project without being distracted by inconvenient tabs. Clean up your tab bar and save your search for later.


Side projects separate your daily routine and your life from work: Create different spaces for any purpose. Your workspaces will have their own accounts, cookies, tabs, apps, and settings.


Organize your documents and bookmarks with powerful collections, and share them with your team or friends to create a knowledge base that’s always with you – on every device.

what’s new

  • Professional trial plan implemented
    • The Pro trial plan is enabled for thirty days for experienced users and will be available for newcomers to test the Pro features
    • The Pro trial plan ends automatically, and users are not charged to extend their subscription
  • Move tabs across sessions
    • Right-click on the tab → Move to session
  • Hints for shortcuts to using the advanced sidekick
  • Shortcut to show/hide sidebar
  • Fixed password autofill in incognito mode
  • Performance and app fixes (Telegram, Discord, etc.)

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