Shinobu Takayama’s Haigakura Action Fantasy Manga Gets TV Anime in 2024 – News

Shinobu Takayama's Haigakura Action Fantasy Manga Gets TV Anime in 2024 - News

15-year manga about youth seeking out 4 evil gods who hold key to realm’s collapse

Shinobu Takayama‘s Haigakura manga is inspiring a television anime that will premiere next year. Takayama personally drew a teaser visual for the anime:

The story is set in a secluded realm where deities and mortals both dwell. A youth named Ichiyō sets out to capture the gods who have fled and scattered all over the realm. Together with the subordinate god Tenkō, Ichiyō seeks the four evil gods who hold the key to the realm’s collapse.

Takayama began serializing the manga in Ichijinsha‘s Zero-Sum Ward magazine in 2008. Afer the magazine ceased publication in 2015, the manga has since continued on the anime“>Zero-Sum Online service as Takayama’s longest-running serialization. Ichijinsha has published 16 volumes so far with over 1.3 million copies in circulation (including digital copies).

Takayama’s anime“>Amatsuki manga also inspired a television anime in 2008.

Source: Comic Natalie

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