Satoshi Shiki Launches Casshern R Manga on September 19 – News

Satoshi Shiki Launches Casshern R Manga on September 19 - News

The October issue of Akita Shoten‘s anime“>Monthly Champion RED magazine revealed on Saturday that Satoshi Shiki will launch a new manga titled Casshern R, the manga adaptation of Tatsunoko Production‘s anime“>Shinzō Ningen Casshan original television anime, in the magazine’s next issue on September 19. Chabo Higurashi is writing the manga’s script.

The manga’s story centers on Tetsuya Azuma, who transforms into Casshern to fight mankind’s enemy Andro and his army.

Tatsunoko Production‘s anime“>Shinzō Ningen Casshan original anime first aired in Japan in 1973. The anime‘s anime“>Casshan: Robot Hunter animated video remake released in Japan in 1993, and Kazuaki Kiriya‘s live-action movie remake released in 2004. Streamline Pictures and ADV Films both released anime“>Casshan: Robot Hunter in North America, and Go Fish Pictures released the Casshern live-action movie remake.

The anime‘s latest remake titled anime“>Casshern Sins aired in Japan in 2008. Funimation streamed the anime with English subtitles, and also released it on Blu-ray and DVD in North America.

Shiki recently launched the Akuma Kōjo (Demon Princess) manga, the adaptation of Biyori Harunohi’s original story, in Kodansha‘s anime“>Monthly Shonen Sirius magazine in May 2022.

Shiki (anime“>XBlade, anime“>XBlade Cross, anime“>Daphne in the Brilliant Blue) ended the anime“>Attack on Titan: Before the Fall manga in March 2019.

Seven Seas Entertainment is releasing Shiki’s anime“>The Legend of Dororo and Hyakkimaru (anime“>Dororo to Hyakkimaru-den) remake manga of Osamu Tezuka‘s anime“>Dororo manga in English. Shiki launched the manga in anime“>Monthly Champion RED magazine in October 2018.

Source: anime“>Monthly Champion RED October issue and website

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