Sabikui Bisco TV Anime Season 2 Premieres – News

Sabikui Bisco TV Anime Season 2 Premieres - News

The first season aired in January 2022

Live broadcast Dengeki Bunko The 30th anniversary event announced on Sunday that production of the second season of the Arab Republic of Egypt TV anime anime“>Rust Eater Pisco (anime“>Sabikui Bisco) Light novel series Shinji Kobkubo (Kobokobo) was lit green.

The anime premiered Tokyo MXAnd BS11And Sun TVAnd Abima On January 10, 2022. Funimation And Crunchyroll Both of them have aired the anime and it has also aired in Japan and also aired in English dub.

The story takes place in Japan after the “rusty wind” has eroded everything. People live in fear of the rust that blights cities and life in general. A boy named Bisco Akaboshi of the despised Mushroom Guardian tribe sets out on a journey to obtain a “rust-eating” mushroom—a miracle drug that purifies rust—to save his dying teacher.

During his journey, Bisco meets Meru Nekoyanagi, a good-looking young doctor in Imihama, and together they search for a countermeasure against the rust that devours Meru’s beloved older sister.

Atsushi Ikaria He directed the first season of OZ with an assistant director Daisuke Mataga. Sadayuki Murai Supervised and wrote the scripts for the series. Ai asari Ikaria designed the characters, and Asari W Nori Igawa Served as Chief animation Director. Yi Hui Chang He also served as animation director. Takeshi Ueda (anime“>AA=) f Hinako Tsubakiyama composed music.

Kadokawa‘s Dengeki Bunko The imprint of the novel series with illustrations was launched by As akagishi and world-building art by mocha in 2018, and the ninth volume will be published on August 10. The light novel series was the first to top the overall ranking and the new work ranking in the same year of the Kono light novel ga sugoi book. Yosuke Takahashi Sequence adapted from the manga Square Enix‘s anime“>AB manga! Site from 2019 to 2020.

The second part of the manga adaptation has been released on Square Enix‘s anime“>AB manga! Application on December 15, 2022. So Natsuki replace Yosuke Takahashi As an artist begins with the second part.

source: Dengeki Bunko 30 Natsu no Saiten Online 2023 Live Streaming

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