Resident Evil: Death Island brings fans and actors together

Resident Evil: Death Island brings fans and actors together

Fans of the 1996 horror franchise vampire They gathered for an early screening of the latest animated film in the series. Death Island He brings together the most famous video game characters in an exciting mission filled with famous zombies. Notably, this film marks the first on-screen interaction between leads Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy. Continuation of the fifth installment of Resident Evil The animated universe, movie pairs anime“>Resident Evil: Vendetta writer Makoto Fukami with a manager anime“>Resident Evil: Infinite DarknessAnd Eiichirō Hasumi. Veteran producer Masachika Kawata joined them on stage answering questions provided by Collider.

The cast and crew of Resident Evil: Death Island

During the Q&A, the cast voices Matthew Mercer (Leon) f Nicole Tompkins Participate (Gill) as part of the English cast. In addition, Stephanie Panicello (Claire Redfield), Erin Cahill (Rebecca Chambers), Kevin Dorman (Chris Redfield) W Daman Mills Dylan Blake was also in the audience.

The host started the session and asked Producer Kawata for his opinion on what to make capcom A franchise so timeless and relatable. “It’s been almost three decades, but that’s because of the fans and their love for the characters.” He has a tough job ensuring that the franchise doesn’t go astray and that the quality of the characters is maintained. Given the length of the intellectual property, share the existence of internal structures and politics within it capcom To properly present the characters along with the games to meet the expectations of the audiences.

Turning to Fukami, he answers the question on everyone’s mind, “Who was the decision to include all these main characters?” He explained that since the series had been running for so long, they wanted a big climax. As the co-writer of the previous film, revenge, he felt that the last movie did not have enough jokes, so he tried to incorporate more. Although he also felt that this was not the case, so he would like to include more next time. Of course, he also kept the horror and action aspects in mind since the series is not a straight comedy.

Turning to the voice actors, both Mercer and Tompkins were asked what they love about the franchise and what it means to be able to voice their characters. They appreciated the opportunity to express their characters and reach fans around the world. Mercer previously retired as the voice of Leon but returned as part of this film.

“I’m excited to see where it goes from here. I’m excited to see all the classic people who continue to bring the story to life, all the new voices that come to bring it to life, and the people I have the honor to hand the torch to,” Mercer said.

Given their long history with the game franchise, they shared the surprising details of what goes on behind the scenes. “The sharper it gets at the end, the more ridiculous it looks when we film or record it,” Tompkins said. “Either we’re screaming in a soundproof room or we’re wearing ridiculous suits.”

Nicole Tompkins

Mercer shared stories alongside Tompkins about their stunt shots. “There are so many silly missteps you can experience in the booth. So many fight scenes here, we do every grunt, every impact, and reaction in pain, and it’s just so physically exhausting. A lot of us are really sweaty, exhausted, and terrified of people to be in. neighborhood by the time you’re done.” Sometimes they do these scenes at the beginning or end of the day, depending on how rigorous the script is.

The host then asked director Hasumi about the challenges of producing a film and his method of balancing each character’s viewing time. Knowing that each of the five characters has a large fan base, he made sure each of them had time to shine. vampire It is famous for its monsters. This movie has a rather big third act. “The final creature blends in with Dylan, and the exterior design looks like a shark,” Hasmi explained. “But the volume was something we struggled with because of the warehouse set. We had to decide how the ceilings would go down, so volumes would change all the time and become larger than expected.” Admittedly, many changes occurred during the production of the CGI movie, there were sequences he spent extra time perfecting. “I am primarily a live-action director, and this is my second time working on a CG-animated film.” He described two things that are difficult and expensive to animate in CGI: the movement of food and water. “I was told that if a creature came out of the water, I shouldn’t show it coming back in. But I did it anyway.” At first, he heeded the producers’ suggestion to be cost-effective, but the art directors and staff wanted to do it, so he had to negotiate.

Resident Evil Dead Island 16-
Director Ichiro Hasumi

To close the Q&A segment before fan questions, the panelists were asked what fans can expect on the 30th anniversary of vampire. There were no straight answers, with producer Kawata refraining from bothering the translator with a speculative response. Tell fans they can expect more surprises and stay tuned.

Before the session ends, some lucky fans can ask the speakers a limited number of questions. Someone was curious about how Mercer will return to his old role as Leon. “Getting into the role of Leon was a turnaround in the trajectory of my career. To be completely honest, when I passed the torch to Nick and watched the remake become something incredible as it went on, I never expected to go back,” said Mercer. “I thought it was over. For now, I’m trying not to get sentimental, but I was so surprised and excited to have the opportunity to be back in these shoes again.” He wanted to make sure he respected and valued the character he had played before, and the people who came before him, and those who would follow him. “The challenge is just ensuring that I can enjoy the moment as much as I can.”

A similar question was asked of Tompkins, as much happened to the generation after events Resident Evil 3 remake take place just before that Death Island. “When I step RE3, she already has PTSD and is struggling with the trauma of the mansion incident. She’s still relatively early in her journey in many ways,” Tompkins shared. “Arriving to see her in the present day has been the actor’s journey. I do my research and what will still affect it at this moment. It’s nice to watch her integrate into this team.”

anime“>Resident Evil: Isle of Doom Available on Blu-ray, 4K Steelbook, Digital, and DVD on July 25th.

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