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Crunchyroll to stream Reign of the Seven Spellblades, Liar Liar Anime - News

Crunchyroll It announced on Thursday that it will begin airing English dubs of anime“>Reign of the Seven Magic And anime“>Hire a girlfriend Season three anime on friday.

The cast is in English anime“>Reign of the Seven Magic Includes:

  • Drew Breedlove Like Oliver
  • Veronica Lux Like Nanao
  • Jill Harris Like Katie
  • Matthew Elkins Like a man
  • Sarah Ragsdale Like Sheila
  • Lexi Netto Like Pete
  • Crystal Laporte Like Esmeralda
  • John Bergmeyer Like a garland
  • Nia Celeste Like Teresa
  • Alexis Tipton renal
  • Kayla Parker Like Macley

Jonathan Rigg runs the English language dub. Zach Bolton Produce. Alex May He writes the script. William Dewell is the mixer and Jeremy Woods He is the engineer.


The cast is in English anime“>Hire a girlfriend The third season, which features the returning cast, includes:

  • Alex Low Like Kazuya
  • Lizzie Freeman Like Chizuru
  • Lisette Monique Diaz ambush
  • Nicholas Roy Like Kibe
  • Landon McDonald like korean
  • Sean Letourneau Like Teppei
  • Sarah Williams Like Roca

Jerry Jewell Directs the English language dub. Colleen Clinkenbeard Produce. Leah Clark He writes the script. Andrew Tibbs is the mixer and Jameson Outlaw He is the engineer.

Source: Crunchyroll (link 2, Liam Dempsey)

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