Rail Romanesque Anime Reveals Main Visual for Season 2, New Cast, October Premiere – News

Rail Romanesque Anime Reveals Main Visual for Season 2, New Cast, October Premiere - News

The official Twitter account for anime“>Romanian railwaysthe TV anime of the Digital Novel brand loses‘s maitetsu Thursday, the game revealed the main visual, new staff, and the October premiere of the anime‘s second season, titled anime“>Romanian railways 2.

The second season of the anime will premiere in Japan in October Tokyo MX channel. The first season of the anime will start airing again Tokyo MX Starting July 13th.

Just like in the first season, the second season of the anime will also feature the unique Railords. The anime staff announced this earlier Rei Tanaka She will star in the second season as Kaniko, based on the C11202 steam locomotive.

Michiru Ebera is now managing the second season in Yokohama animation Lab. Tensho Sato (anime“>The players!And anime“>Tawah on the second Monday) is the new character designer, and Kō Ogata is the art director. Yosei Kashima He is responsible for color design, Ryohei Miyasaka (anime“>Killer Pride) is the director of photography, and Kisuke Koizumi (anime“>Chainsaw manAnd anime“>My happy marriage) is the new audio output.

The staff also announced that a new game titled anime“>Romanian railways Origin under production. The game is based on the original maitetsu The game will be rebuilt with the addition of the story and worldview anime“>Romanian railways.

The 12 five-minute episodes of anime“>Romanian railways The first season of the anime premiered in October 2020. Crunchyroll And Funimation Both of them streamed the anime as it aired.

Sekai Project The original game for PC was released globally via Steam in June 2018. The company describes the story of the game:

maitetsu It takes place in an alternate reality in Japan, where railways were the most popular form of travel and transportation. The difference with these railways, however, is that the trains are paired with humanoid units called “railroads”. Due to a new form of travel, the railways were practically forgotten, and eventually the railways were decommissioned.

Players will assume the role of Sotetsu, a recent high school graduate who, shortly after entering university, decides to return to his adopted hometown to save it from water pollution caused by rampant factories. By chance, Sotetsu wakes up “Hachiroku”, a recently decommissioned railway train. He becomes her owner and decides to help her find her lost locomotive, “8620”, while trying to save his hometown in the process.

The anime‘s story, which features new original characters, takes place in the fictional city of Ohitoyoshi south of the game’s Hinomoto after its successful revitalization led by Hachiroku’s tourism promotion. The city now plans to host the first Maitetsu Festival to bring together Railords and their respective masters from all over Hinomoto. Inspired by human planning for the festival, the famous Suzushiro and other Raillords also host a “Railord Summit” at the Amairo railway station café to share their collective wisdom.

loses developed the original maitetsu Visual novel with art Quora. The game shipped in Japan in March 2016, and is rated +18 in Japan. Then the game kicked off Play Station 4 under the heading pure maitetsu station in July 2018. The game was also produced by A.J Nintendo Switch released in January 2020 in Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. sequel Maitetsu: Another run Released in October 2020 after a delay.

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