Pop Team Epic Creator draws a fanart for Miyazaki’s new mystery movie – The Benefit

Pop Team Epic Creator draws a fanart for Miyazaki's new mystery movie - The Benefit

Legendary manager Hayao Miyazakifirst movie in 10 years, anime“>how do you live?It will hit Japanese theaters on Friday. The movie is shrouded in mystery. There are no trailers or promotional photos—and the programs (pamphlets usually filled with photos, graphics, interviews, and other additional information) will not be sold in theaters when the movie opens.

The only promotion for the movie was a single movie poster – but that didn’t stop anime“>Epic pop group originator Okawa cup From the artwork for the movie. Plural anime“>how do you live? With Mario Kart, fanart features a bird-like creature from the poster in a go-kart.

It looks like he’s ready to race to theaters just like everyone else in Japan.

source: Okawa cup on Twitter via Nijmen

Source By animenewsnetwork.com

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