Otacon 2023 Hosts Voice Actress/Author Haruna Ikezawa – News

Otacon 2023 Hosts Voice Actress/Author Haruna Ikezawa - News

The event takes place July 28-30 in Washington, DC

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Work crew otacon The 2023 film announced Friday that it will host a voice actress and writer Haruna Ikezawa at this year’s event.

Ikezawa was born in Athens, Greece, the daughter of Akutagawa Prize-winning author Natsuki Ikezawa and the granddaughter of novelist Takehiko Fukunaga. As an author, she was awarded “Best Japanese Short Story” at the 52nd Seiun Awards in 2021 for Orbital Christmas (based on the story by an anime screenwriter/sci-fi consultant. Mitsuyasu Sakai).

Ikezawa’s voice roles in the anime and video game include Momoka Nishizawa in anime“>Sgt. frogYoshino Shimazu in anime“>Maria is watching usHiroko Haruna V anime“>HamtaroCaimie In anime“>one piece-Go Ciba’s anime“>Bakusō Kyōdai Let’s & Go!!and Assamese in Athens King warriors.

otacon 2023 is scheduled to take place July 28-30 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. This year’s event will also host manga artist Kyoko Aiba and anime“>macross artist Hidetaka Tengen And anime“>macross anime director and mechanical designer Shuji Kawamori. It will also host the composer Ryo Kawamura. Other guests include the voice actress Junko Iwaomechanical designer and manager Shinji Aramakicomposer Yasuharu Takanashicomposer Shota Nakamaand rock band -a defect-who will lead. The event announced its COVID-19 policy for this year’s event on March 3. The policy states that masks and proof of vaccination are no longer mandatory for event attendees in line with “local and federal guidelines.”

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