My Daughter Left the Nest Returns First S-rank Adventure Anime Video Unveils Cast, Staff, and Autumn Debut ArchDaily

My Daughter Left the Nest Returns First S-rank Adventure Anime Video Unveils Cast, Staff, and Autumn Debut ArchDaily

The official website for the TV anime movie Mujicakia‘s anime“>My daughter left the nest and came back as an S-rank adventurer. (Bōkesha ni Naritai to Miyako ni Deteitta Musume ga S-Rank ni Natteta) The light novel series premiered its first promotional video and visual teaser on Sunday, Father’s Day. The video announces the main cast, key personnel, and fall premiere.

The main cast members are:

Saori Hayami Like Angeline

Junichi Swabe Belgrave


Takeshi Mori (anime“>Otaku no videoAnd anime“>VandredAnd anime“>skull man) holds the position of General Manager, and Naoki Murata He directs the anime at tornado graphics. Yuichiro Momose (anime“>So I’m a spider, so what?And anime“>Infinite dental outline) supervises the scripts of the serials, and John Shibata (anime“>nonsense ninjaAnd anime“>skull man) designs characters and serves as chief animation director.

Novel Club The series of light novels is released in English, and describes the series:

The adventurer’s life isn’t always a magical life. Belgrave finds out the hard way when a deadly confrontation robs him of his leg and the ability to follow his dreams after a short while setting off in search of fame and fortune. But fate did not end with this retired adventurer!
While gathering herbs in the wilderness, he discovers an abandoned baby girl and names her Angeline after deciding to raise her as his own. Angelini grows up to be a first-rate adventurer in her own right, but after venturing out into the world and making a name for herself, fame, fortune, and power do not attract the respected S-rank adventurer: her sincere wish is nothing more than to see her father again.

Mujicakia She launched the web novel Shōsetsuka ni Narō in 2017, and finished the series in 2020. Earth Star Entertainment The eleventh and final volume of The Light will be published in November 2021.

Kū Urushibara draws an adaptation of the manga, and Earth Star Entertainment The sixth volume was released on November 11.

Source: Comic Natalie

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