Mangasplaining Licenses Akane Torikai’s Wandering Cat’s Cage Manga for Serialization in August ArchDaily

Mangasplaining Licenses Akane Torikai's Wandering Cat's Cage Manga for Serialization in August ArchDaily

Fantagraphics will publish the manga in print as a single collector’s volume in Fall 2024

Deep Aoki Confirmed on Tuesday that Mangasplaining licensed Akane Torikai‘s Walk around the cat’s cage (Mandarin Gypsy Cat no Rojo) manga, and will start serializing it in Mangasplaining Additional Newsletter (MSX) in August. Fantagraphics will publish the manga in print as a single omnibus volume in Fall 2024.

Fantagraphics describes the manga:

in Walk around the cat’s cage-Daring manga creator Akane Torikai It offers a thought-provoking exploration of dystopia, sexual freedom, and societal loyalty. Torikai’s complex storytelling weaves a series of interconnected stories set in a dystopian world dominated by women. In this society, a man’s body remains a mystery, and the only man in the slums sells his nights to women to survive. When an escaped human trafficking victim seeks refuge with him, she inadvertently reveals the true nature of her society: the near-extinction of the male boomers. As a matriarchal society struggles to preserve humanity, difficult choices emerge regarding freedom and procreation. With elements reminiscent of The Handmaid’s Tale and a gorgeous naturalistic art style, Torikai’s work challenges notions of forced childbirth and control within a society led by women who fiercely resist such measures.

Jocelyn Allen She is translating the manga, while Sara Linsley is doing the lettering.

Torikai launched the manga in Kadokawa‘s Da Vinci Journal in June 2017, and ended in September 2018. Kadokawa Two volumes of collected manga books published in November 2018.

Torikai debuted as a manga creator in 2004. Her work includes anime“>Sensei no Shiroi Uso (teacher’s white lie), anime“>Jigoku no Girlfriend (Girlfriend from Hell), W Romance Boveki. Torikai finished it off recently Saturn return The manga is set in October 2022. Kodansha USA Publishing Licensed to Torikai anime“>Sensei’s religious lie (anime“>Sensei no Shiroi Uso) Mango. The manga ran from 2013-2017.

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