Live-Action Silent Service Film Trailer Reveals B’z Song, Ado – News

Live-Action Silent Service Film Trailer Reveals B'z Song, Ado - News

The official website of AmazonThe live-action movie of Kaiji Kawaguchi‘s anime“>Silent service Manga unveiled a new trailer and visual poster for the movie on Thursday. The trailer reveals and showcases the film’s song “Dignity”. Bwith the singer Ado as a singer.


Takao Osawa (A live verb or a direct event sky highAnd anime“>Tsukiji Ougashi Sundaime) will play the protagonist Shiro Kaida.

Other cast members include:


Osawa and Shinzo Matsuhashi are producing the live-action film, Kohei Yoshino He is directing, and Hikaru Takai is writing the screenplay. The movie will be shown in Toho Theaters across Japan on September 29.

In the story, Shiro Kaida is appointed commander of Japan’s first nuclear submarine, built jointly by Japan and the United States in the strictest secrecy. However, he and his 76 crew have gone rogue in this story that delves into themes of nuclear war, international politics, and world peace.

Kawaguchi serialized the manga in Kodansha‘s anime“>morning magazine from 1988 to 1996. The manga actually inspired a TV anime special from sunrise In 1996, followed sunriseThe original two-part video anime from 1997 to 1998. Central Park Media The anime was shown on videotape and later on DVD.

Kawaguchi and journalist Osamu Ia‘s anime“>Kubo Ibuki Manga (Ibuki Aircraft Carrier) ended in December 2019. The series was launched in 2014.

Kawaguchi finished his journey Zibang: Shinso Kiryu Manga in November 2017. The manga is not related to the previous time-traveling war manga anime“>Zipangwhich he also drew Kodansha‘s anime“>morning magazine until 2009.

Phys Media Publishing Kawaguchi’s political manga anime“>eagle in North America. Central Park Media Special marine anime released anime“>Silent service Based on Kawaguchi’s manga, W Geneon Entertainment (United States of America) release anime“>Zipang TV anime.

Kawaguchi W Shinji Makari finished them Sagara ~S no Dosotai~ (Sagara ~The S Allotrope~) in 2021. The manga was released on anime“>morning Journal 2018.

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