Jun Miura’s Tsuyokute New Saga Series Ends News

Jun Miura's Tsuyokute New Saga Series Ends News
adaptation Masayuki AbeThe original story was launched in 2014

anime“>Alphapolis The 107th and final chapter of the Jun Miura‘s anime“>New Tsuyukote epic Thursday manga.

The story takes place in a world ravaged by a demonic invasion. Protagonist Kyle subdues the Demon King with his last remaining strength, but is then sent back four years to the past. Armed with the memories and experiences of his past life, he takes this second chance in life to ensure that tragic history does not repeat itself.

manga adaptation Masayuki AbeThe original story of the same name. The manga was released on anime“>Alphapolis in February 2014. anime“>Alphapolis The tenth volume of the compilation manga book will be published in October 2022. anime“>AlphapolisAlpha manga English-language themed manga publishing service New epic.

Abe began serializing the original story on the website Shōsetsuka ni Narō in 2012, before moving on to continue the story in anime“>Alphapolis in 2013. Abe removed the original story from Shōsetsuka ni Narō in September 2016. anime“>Alphapolis The first print volume of the story was published in April 2013, with illustrations by Ryota Fuse. The tenth volume of the novel shipped in July 2018.

The novels inspire an upcoming TV anime that was originally scheduled to premiere in July, but was pushed back due to “various circumstances” to a yet to be determined date.

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