Intel Panther Lake architecture with Celestial Xe3 iGPU leaked

Something to look forward to: Intel has already revealed its future CPU roadmap up to the Moon Lake architecture, which is expected to debut next year. However, the company hasn’t officially said anything about its plans after Lunar Lake, so the latest leak offers an insight into what it has in store for the future.

An Intel engineer apparently revealed the name and important details about the company’s 16th generation core processor lineup. Originally observer By tipster @harukaze5719, the LinkedIn profile of an Intel graphics hardware designer revealed that the Panther Lake processor architecture will follow Lunar Lake and include the Xe3-LPG architecture.

While the post has since been removed, Tom’s Hardware managed to grab a screenshot showing Intel’s entire roadmap for the next few years, including Meteor Lake, Arrow Lake, and Lunar Lake. While Meteor Lake is expected to arrive this year as a successor to Lake Raptor, Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake could debut in 2024, with Panther Lake likely following in 2025.

Not much is known about Tiger Lake at this point, but we do know that Lunar Lake is designed for light and thin laptops, which means Panther Lake could be for consumer desktops.

Intel confirmed last month that LPG and HPG would be the sub-variants of the company’s Xe GPU architecture. While the former will be optimized for integrated GPUs, the latter will find its way to discrete graphics chips. Intel’s Meteor Lake CPUs are expected to be the first to use iGPUs with the new Xe-LPG GPU architecture, but Arrow Lake is also set to keep the same technology for its integrated graphics solution.

The LinkedIn post further revealed that the Xe2 will be used by the Lunar Lake lineup and Battlemage discrete GPUs, while the Xe3 will be part of the company’s third-generation Panther Lake and discrete GPUs, known as “Celestial”. As for the Xe3-LPG architecture, it is expected to be a downsized version of the Celestial Xe3-HPG GPU, but not much is known about it at the moment.

Either way, Panther Lake and Celestial are a way in the future, and there will likely be more leaks in the lead up to their release. In the near term, Intel is expected to release the Raptor Lake update this year along with some new Meteor Lake chips and Arc Alchemist discrete GPUs.

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