I might be the receptionist for the light novel guild get the anime – News

I might be the receptionist for the light novel guild get the anime - News
Mato KosakaThe story of a union receptionist who takes matters into her own hands

the Dengeki Bunko The 30th anniversary event on Saturday announced that an anime has been adapted Mato Kosaka‘s anime“>I may be a union receptionist, but I’ll single-handedly get out on time (anime“>Guild no Uketsuke Jō Desu ga, Zangyō wa Iyananode Boss o Solo Tōbatsu Shiyou to Omoimasu) the light novel series has been green-lit.

Yen Press The light novel series and its manga adaptation have been licensed for publication in English, describing the story:

Alina Clover signs up to be a receptionist for the Adventurers Guild believing it will be her ticket to the good life. Unfortunately, the dream party turns into an overtime nightmare when adventurers get stuck clearing a dungeon. To save herself from the papers, Alina beats the monsters herself to solve the problem! Now she just needs to keep her activities secret…

Kousaka launched the light novel series in March 2021, and Kadokawa‘s Dengeki Bunko The seventh volume was published by an imprint in June. Suzu Yuki The manga adaptation was released in Monthly comic anime“>Dengeki Maoh magazine in August 2021, and Dengeki Comic Next published the third volume in June.

source: Dengeki BunkoTwitter account

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