Hokkyoku Anime Film Department Store Concierge Reveals 14 More Cast Members ArchDaily

Hokkyoku Anime Film Department Store Concierge Reveals 14 More Cast Members ArchDaily

The anime‘s official website for Tsuchika Nishimura‘s anime“>Concierge at Hokkyoku Department Store (anime“>Hokkyoku Hyakkaten no Concierge-sanThe manga revealed 14 more cast members on Monday.

© 2023 ツチカ/小学館/「北極百貨店のコシェルジュさん」製作委員会

Cast concierge 3

© 2023 ツチカ/小学館/「北極百貨店のコシェルジュさん」製作委員会

The new cast includes:

visual. png

© 2023 ツチカ/小学館/「北極百貨店のコシェルジュさん」製作委員会

The movie will open this fall. The previously announced cast includes:

Electronic Music Producer Tobits He composes the music for the movie. Chew Morita (anime“>Run with the wind The episode’s animation director) serves as the character designer and lead animation director.

Yoshimi Itazu (“Pigtails,” anime“>Welcome to the ballroomplay the main animation anime“>Poppin Q) is making his directorial debut in an anime feature film with Satomi Oshima (anime“>Hataraki manAnd anime“>Luck favors Lady NekokoAnd anime“>Inner palace crow) script writing and Aniplex distribution. Production I.G Produce the movie.

The manga focuses on a new concierge at a mysterious department store where all of the customers are animals. As a concierge, she tries to read her discerning clients and tries to give them appropriate recommendations.

Nishimura launched the manga at Shogakukan‘s anime“>Great comedian Zokan Magazine in November 2016, ending in 2020 with two volumes. The manga won the Excellence Award at the 25th Japan Media Arts Festival Awards Ceremony of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs in 2022.

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