Golden Kamuy’s Satoru Noda Reveals New Ice Hockey Sports Manga Title DOGSRED ArchDaily

Golden Kamuy's Satoru Noda Reveals New Ice Hockey Sports Manga Title DOGSRED ArchDaily

Manga debuted on July 27

Issue 34 for this year Shueisha‘s anime“>Weekly Young Jump Thursday magazine revealed that Satoru NodaNew ice hockey manga titled dogsred. The manga will appear in the next issue of the magazine on July 27.


The magazine had previously revealed that Noda was relaunching his site anime“>Subinamarrada! Ice Hockey manga (pictured right), and Hokkaido Shimbun The newspaper had stated that it would appear for the first time in the spring of 2023. The magazine indicated that it is an entertainment medium. Shirt number 66 is also the same for old and new manga characters.

the original anime“>Subinamarrada! Set in Tomakomai in Hokkaido, the manga centers on snowboarder and Olympian Rō Shirakawa. When a sudden death in the family shatters his Olympic dreams, he meets the Genma brothers, a pair of hockey players, who introduce him to a new world of snow sports.

The manga was Noda’s first work before anime“>Golden Kamui. Noda launched the manga in anime“>Young jump in July 2011, and ended in November 2012. Shueisha She has published six volumes of collected books on manga.

Satoru Noda Release anime“>Golden Kamui manga in Shueisha‘s anime“>Young jump magazine in 2014, and ended in April 2022.

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