GKIDS Franco-Japanese Co-Production Licenses Ghost Cat Anzu Movie News

GKIDS Franco-Japanese Co-Production Licenses Ghost Cat Anzu Movie News

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GKIDS It announced at the Annecy animation Festival on Sunday that it has acquired the North American rights to anime“>Ghost cat AnzuAnd Animation Shane E and France Mio Productions2D animated film based on Takashi Imashiro‘s anime“>Bakeneko Anzu-chan Mango. Based in Paris charades The company will handle international sales.

The project will be shown as a work in progress in Annecy. The movie is scheduled to be released in 2024.

Yoko Kono And Nobuhiro Yamashita The film is directed and Shinji Imaoka He writes his text. The film is 90 minutes long and will use mixed animation techniques that combine 2D digital animation with a rotoscopy version.

Mio Productions Describes the story of the movie:

Karin, 11, has been abandoned by her father at the home of her grandfather, a small-town monk in rural Japan. Her grandfather asks Anzo, his playful and helpful though somewhat skittish ghost cat, to look after her. A meeting of powerful characters causes sparks, at least in the beginning…

Kodansha Single volume publication anime“>Bakeneko Anzu-chan manga in 2007.

Animation Shane E It is famous for its production anime“>Doraemon And anime“>Crayon Shin Chantwo long-running television anime that consistently rank among the highest rated weekly anime programs in Japan. Daikichiro Kosubi He founded the studio in 1976.

Source: Variety (Ben Croll)

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