Exoprimal Trailer Highlights Exosuits, ‘Savage Gauntlet’ Co-op Mode ArchDaily

Exoprimal Trailer Highlights Exosuits, 'Savage Gauntlet' Co-op Mode ArchDaily

The game is getting a new open beta test on Thursday

capcom Unveil a teaser trailer for its upcoming release Exoprimal Team-based action game capcom View stream on Monday. The trailer highlights the game’s Exosuits and their various abilities, and also reveals the game’s Savage Gauntlet co-op mode.

The game will undergo a new open beta test on Thursday, which will run through June 18th. The game previously had an open beta test in March earlier this year.

The game will be launched for Play Station 5, Xbox Series X | S, Play Station 4, Xbox One, and PC via steam On July 14th. The game will be available on launch day on Xbox Game Pass.

Set in the near future in the year 2040. Exoprimal It depicts players as soldiers armed with powered-up armored exosuits fighting against waves of dinosaurs that come to our world through portals known as “Vorticels”. The Leviathan AI can predict where vortices will appear, and will guide players through the game. Players have to stop the wave of a variety of rampaging dinosaurs, and they can take on different roles in combat depending on their exosuits, which they can change freely even during combat.

capcom The game will be revealed in March 2022.

source: Capcom USA‘s Youtube channel

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