Exclusive: Titan Comics Releases Speed Grapher Manga in Print in April 2024 – News

Exclusive: Titan Comics Releases Speed Grapher Manga in Print in April 2024 - News

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Titan Comics revealed on Friday that it will publish Tomozo‘s manga adaptation of Gonzo’s anime“>Speed Grapher anime in print in English. The first volume will launch in April 2024, and is available for pre-order on Amazon and Forbidden Planet.

Titan Comics describes its story:

In the seedy underworld of a supernatural Tokyo, a troubled former war photographer
attempts to save a gifted fifteen year old girl from a sinister cabal that wants to exploit her

The first volume in the hit GONZO anime of the same name, in the seedy underbelly of near
future Tokyo, the famous Roppongi Club is shadowy hall of secrets. When photojournalist
Saiga manages to infiltrate this elite association he discovers Kagura, a young girl whose
touch bestows incredible and horrific powers. Now, anyone Saiga captures on film is doomed to die: the click of the shutter as sure as a trigger pull!

Tomozo debuted the manga in MediaWorksanime“>Monthly Dengeki Comic Gao! magazine in Japan in March 2005. The manga’s third and final compiled book volume shipped in Japan in December 2005.

Tokyopop previously licensed Tomozo‘s manga adaptation and Minoru Niki‘s novel adaptation of the supernatural suspense anime. The company’s 192-page first volume of the manga shipped in September 2008 and the second volumes shipped in December that year. The company canceled the release of the third volume.

Gonzo’s 24-episode original anime premiered in April 2005. Funimation streamed the anime in Japanese with English subtitles and with an English dub. Crunchyroll is streaming the series. The anime depicts a future Tokyo after a Bubble War broadened the divide between the have and have-nots. Former war photographer Saiga stumbles upon a decadent secret society that caters to its riche clientele’s every desire, no matter how extravagant or perverse. At the club, he meets a girl who awakens his ability to make things explode when he photographs them.

Japan’s Hayakawa Publishing originally published the novelization in three volumes in 2005 with cover illustrations by the anime‘s original character designer, Yuusuke Kozaki.

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