Episode 11 – KonoSuba: Explosion in This Wonderful World!

Episode 11 - KonoSuba: Explosion in This Wonderful World!

Episode 11 of anime“>Konosuba: Blast into this wonderful world! It starts small but manages to check many of the boxes that make it great anime“>konosuba Picnic at last.

The central tension of the episode is Cecily’s arrival during Megumin and Yun’s constant quest to find an adventurous party. Adding to this is the background pursuit of the blue-haired priest (any guesses from the crowd as to their identity? Anyone?) and a demon roaming the woods. None of these plot elements interact deeply with themselves, yet on the web they create a nice texture for the episode and have our team running in all directions and interacting with lots of different people and locations.

Truth be told, Cecily’s appearance made me reflexively nervous. The whole Axis Cult dimension of this show is very impressive to me, and I don’t find Cecily more attractive than usual. It’s a lot of jokes I don’t find funny and tired tropes I don’t find charming. However, I had 180 opinions when Cecily and Megumin arrived at the cemetery. The whole “on the three we turn” gag setup was awesome. It’s kind of silly Scooby-Doo-esque set in a fantasy setting warms my heart, and it had me laughing.

Likewise, the latter parts of the episode with the adventurers were fine for the most part. The animation is passable, with decently detailed environments and fairly flat characters but with great shining spell effects that make for a good enough weekly TV episode. The real joy is the high stakes with Demon and Chomusuke, and the overwhelming sense of doubt at the end of the episode. Just what will our heroes do to solve this problem? Next week’s tune and all that jazz.


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anime“>Konosuba: Blast into this wonderful world! Currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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