Episode 11

Episode 11

Last week’s episode left us with one burning question: Why, if Kanoko is so completely in love with Hime, is she so determined not to confess her feelings? She wasn’t hesitant or afraid of what might happen. She was sure it would be pointless – not that her feelings wouldn’t be reciprocated but rather that they couldn’t be. This week we learn exactly why that is.

We knew from the very first episode that Hime is self-centered and realistic – but here we get a sense of how pervasive he is. For Hime, marriage is just a way for her to have an easy life. All that matters in a potential partner is that they are rich. Feelings are not taken into account. This is because despite her ability to empathize with others, Hime does not understand the concept of romantic love. She simply did not have these feelings for anyone.

Now, to be clear, it’s not like she doesn’t feel love in general. It is evident that she cares deeply for both Mitsuki and Kanoko. When they get hurt, you get hurt. When they feel joy, you feel joy. But for everyone else—including those in the café—they might as well be additions to her life story when it comes to any kind of emotional attachment.

Because she understands this, Kanoko knows it would be pointless to ask Hime out. More than that – given the way Hime rejects and distances herself from anyone who confesses to her – it’s likely that she would lose her special place in Hime’s life if she tried.

Of course, if all of this is the case, why is he being threatened by Mitsuki? After all, if Hime pushes off anyone who shows romantic interest, wouldn’t Mitsuki acting based on her apparent crush be the end of their renewed friendship – resetting the status quo the way Kanoko wants it? Because when it comes down to it, Kanoko is afraid that Mitsuki will not be rejected.

Many times, Kanoko Hime has seen him act “out of character” when it comes to Mitsuki – what if this is him again? What if Mitsuki gets the love from Hime that Kanoko didn’t even dare dream about? Kanoko’s place as Hime’s best friend was only acceptable because she was sure that no one could get any closer. Sharing the best place with Mitsuki is so awful that she can’t even accept it as true. However, the idea that Mitsuki could become Hime’s lover? This is her greatest fear.

Kanoko is an emotional pressure cooker set to explode. And as we saw in the previous episode when that happens, everything goes wild. However, thanks to Sumika, this did not happen. Instead, Sumika puts herself in the position of being a pressure valve of sorts – someone Kanoko can vent to all the things she can’t tell her. Despite their strained relationship, Kanoko can’t resist the temptation of having an outlet after all this time. And so, without thinking, she did the one thing she swore she would never do – the thing that would make her “better” than Mitsuki. She tells Hime’s greatest secret.

Of course, when she realizes what she’s done she starts to unravel—until she finds herself in a feedback loop of sorts. Hime wants to keep her secret but also wants Kanoko to express her feelings – because if that’s not the case, they might not be real either. The only way out is to trust Sumika—to trust that she will never tell Hime’s secret to anyone else. And to keep the café free of romantic drama, Sumika is willing to do so and be close to Kanoko now and in the future.

But, of course, given the past few weeks, confidence can be hard to come by. So, Sumika Kanoko shows through her actions and how seriously she keeps her promise. While Kanoko may not care about the Shustern concept, she knows Sumika does. For Sumika, it is a symbol of a true sisterly relationship – on and off stage. Sumika is willing to make herself vulnerable – to open old wounds to show Kanoko her sincerity. Together, they can work to preserve the status quo as it has been until now.

Of course, there is still one looming problem in the café that threatens that goal: Mitsuki herself.


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