Episode 11

Episode 11

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It seems like the stage was set for these two to enter an environment where it would be almost impossible for them to deny their feelings, be it towards each other or in front of other people. You mentioned a few weeks ago how these two aren’t exactly great at hiding their interest in each other. Much of the intrigue comes from these two people trying to overcome their fears to accept what is right in front of them. However, their friends and classmates don’t seem to have that insecurity, so it seems painfully obvious to them, and I’d love to have an episode like this that addresses that.

Moiko, in the end, was the best player. It was honest that she took care of Kyotaro like a friend, allowing him space to have his moment while also letting the hell out of him when that guy was starting to get stressed. It’s also cute how she teases him in a way he can’t deny that Anna is different from her friend who also happens to be a girl. Kyotaro tells almost everyone that he loves Anna, except for Anna herself. Now, he has a supportive boyfriend who not only gets involved, but also seems willing to support him, which is a huge deal considering how isolated this boy is.

With the winter break soon coming to an end, there is a lot to look forward to when these two return to their usual environment. I can only imagine Anna walking around with the gift Kyotaro got. Now that the two are starting to hook up, will this lead to more instances of casual physical contact? But before that, we have to celebrate the new year at the temple, and Anna sets another date for them while Kyotaro is supposed to go there with his family. I wonder if this situation is where Kyotaro introduces his “not his girlfriend” to his parents and sister. I’m also curious as to how a broken hand might relate to any potential embarrassing situations. This show has been skyrocketing many fans over the past couple of weeks, and with so many incremental and substantial steps forward after each passing episode, it’s no surprise to see why.


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