Episode 11

Episode 11

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In the Isky dream series, a psychotherapist who is somehow brilliant in the anime‘s multiverse will end up giving characters like Riika the much-needed therapy. I am, of course, inclined to write her off as a horrible human being, and Shima’s mother’s terrified face upon seeing her could be interpreted as indicating that. But it’s more than that Ririka is dedicated to punishing Shima for the perceived injuries in their shared past–her Known He didn’t want her to know about his school’s festival, let alone come to it, but she still stalked him online via his school’s website anyway. It feels telling that she just showed up, too; Chris respects Shima’s preference to keep school and former work friends apart.

It’s possible that Ririka will be a problem in next week’s final episode, but this week seems to be preparing Shima to deal with that. Back during their trip to the zoo, Mitsuomi tries to tell him that his little brother undoubtedly loves him, and this episode provides the clue: When little Kairi becomes separated from his mother, he wisely asks for the way to his brother’s classroom, thinking that at least that’s the place. He will be a member of his family. Shima is visibly shocked when Mukai tells him that Kairi is courting with his classmates, and he is even more shocked when the little boy breaks into messy tears and throws himself at his older brother’s legs. This is not the child who resents, hates, or doesn’t care for his brother in any way; He is a little boy who loves his brother and feels safe with him.

This is a pivotal moment for Shima. It’s a direct refutation of all the hurt and misconception he carried inside of him, proof positive that just because he thought things were one way doesn’t mean that’s the truth. He’s been slowly coming to this conclusion for a few weeks now: agreeing to be in the musical, learning that Mitsuomi is much stronger than he gave her credit for, and going to see Kaneshika’s performance that showed him all moving toward a way out of his world. shock. Kairi’s affection may be the final blow that breaks down the wall and blocks his path forward, not only because the little boy’s tears are shocking to Shima, but also because they make him think about everything else in his life differently.

It won’t be easy or instant. Nothing, but this episode shows a lot of people taking tentative steps forward. Asking Egashira if Nao will come to the festival, Mitsumis Auntie is shown to have become the kind of support she needs, while Makoto realizes that Yuzuki feels like she is making Makoto’s middle school friends feel uncomfortable and takes steps to heal that she has gained a new kind of support. The level of awareness she lacked six months ago. Mitsumi is the only one left feeling outside as the only member of her group of friends without Tokyo’s friends, but the moment she sees the zoo keychain on Kiri’s bag, we witness her journey once again. It’s a reminder, along with her friends noticing that they don’t feel like they know each other Just Six months, it belongs.

I can’t quite fathom this ending next week, and I admit I’m very much hoping for a second season announcement. But even if the next episode is the last one, we have the manga and a lot of things to think about when the story ends.


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