Episode 11

Episode 11

So, it finally happened. After a full season of insinuation, warning, and construction, anime“>magical destroyers She finally dropped the bomb and revealed the truth about the world otaku The hero was fighting to defend: It’s just a computer game, an elaborate simulation developed by a disgruntled and vengeful developer who’s been given the power to turn his greatest dreams into reality. It just so happens that Shobon’s greatest dreams are everyone else’s worst nightmares.

I’d be over the moon for how much we’re learning about Shobon and the real context of the otaku War and all that, but to be honest, I’m still honestly more confused than excited. Make sure to reveal in the opening scene he explains some stuff, and it helps us at least understand what the hell Shobon and SSC are up to, but knowing that every other character in the anime is just an NPC in the world’s weirdest video game made for only one player makes a lot of other parts of the show less If you believe it.

Like, are they all just computer programs? Have they gained sense or are they all acting within the confines of their programs? He is otaku Is the hero supposed to be a show too, or is there another reveal that explains his role in this whole thing? Besides, what are we supposed to make of Kyotaro being the origin goddess who granted Chobun all these powers, to begin with?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying leaving all of these threads open ended leads to a bad episode anime“>magical destroyers; It’s not very satisfying, on a narrative level. This whole penultimate climax tries to pull all the stops when it comes to the Blue and Pink crises, not to mention Anarchy’s take on the Slayer, but I’m less confident than ever how much any of this is real, ever considering what any of the stakes are supposed to be .

Fortunately, even ifanime“>magical destroyersStill a bit scratchy on a narrative and thematic level, the visuals and direction here were solid enough to make sure it was fun to watch if nothing else. The show will never fool anyone into thinking it’s a mapa Or a Studio Wit production, but this episode looked good enough where it counts, and it returned some of the surreal visuals and editing that made those first episodes stand out so much.

All in all, I still have no idea whether or not all of this nonsense will be worth it, in the end. It will be up to anime“>magical destroyers to provide a conclusion that makes us care about its characters while also grounding this final conflict in something that bears at least a passing resemblance to reality. Will this be possible in just one episode? Who do you know! We’ll just have to see when it all collapses next week.


anime“>magical destroyers Currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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