Episode 10 – Why Raeliana Ended Up in the Ducal Palace

Episode 10 - Why Raeliana Ended Up in the Ducal Palace

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For whatever reason, subtitles weren’t available (in any language) when I sat down to watch this episode, so it seemed like time to check out the English language. dub. While I preferred Raeliana’s Japanese voice – and wasn’t wild about Heika’s adult voice – I enjoyed it overall, especially Smarmy’s cheerful voice Ian Sinclair Like Noah. Noah is the only reason to go back and watch earlier, more Noah-centric episodes in English, and Beatrice’s butter delivery that doesn’t melt in her mouth is a good case. dub to move on.

Yes, Beatrice, the former heroine Raeliana has been searching for, has finally officially appeared. Not surprisingly, she is He was The one who gave Vivian the jewel that almost set Raeliana off, which reinforces the idea that Beatrice is no hero whatsoever. The real question we need to consider is whether she has ever done this. Raeliana bases her entire idea of ​​who Beatrice is on the book she read when she was Rinko, but that might not be the safest thing to do. If the original story Renko read was in the first person, who would say that Beatrice was a reliable narrator? Can we assume that it was written by an objective party if it is in the third person? Whether Beatrice feels Raeliana has usurped her place and is trying to win it back or if she was conniving from the start and determined to marry Noah for other reasons, I think we can all agree that trying to kill someone by causing an explosion on their head is a must. It is not the doing of a good man, heroine or not.

The danger is that Raeliana won’t find out soon enough. She’s starting to feel in over her head, with Noah and Haika’s confusing behavior standing out for her in particular. Heika sure looks pretty weird – just ask his poor assistant – but the real problem is that Raeliana has trouble seeing herself as desirable in her own right. Noah could also do a better job of explaining himself, but in his defense, he’s grappling with feelings he’s never felt before. until he He can’t quite understand what’s going on inside his head – his startling realization that he’s entered a sacred space without a second thought just to make sure Raeliana is okay says a lot about his headspace. This went far beyond blackmail for him, and his demand that she explain herself by eagerly waving the hand of the royal seal as a viable reason indicated the depth of his emotional involvement. he Known There’s more than Raeliana isn’t telling him, and that’s eating him up inside.

There’s one major problem here: Raeliana herself is still stuck in the mindset that she’s a side character in someone else’s story. Almost every time she dies, she thinks this is the narrative trying to right itself, rather than thinking someone might be actively trying to kill her. We already know that Frances Brooks was easily manipulated, so since the attempts on her life were not stopped by his and his co-conspirator’s death, this indicates that someone else was the real puppet master. At this point, it’s pretty clear who he is, and that conviction only gets stronger. Until Raeliana realizes she has the right to be the heroine of her story, trouble will continue.


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