Episode 10

Episode 10

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Given the way Ganta’s father talks about things, you can’t deny that their relationship isn’t the best, but we’ve added context here that shows things are probably more complicated than that. I’m surprised a bigger deal wasn’t made, but it was revealed that Ganta’s mother went out with them when Ganta was young, meaning he probably spent most of his life without any female role models to take care of him. He probably forced himself to grow up quickly by learning to cook and getting good grades because his father always has to work late. The story of Ganta not telling his father how he outgrew his sneakers when he was younger is perhaps another example of Ganta putting too much pressure on himself. He does not want to upset anyone and would rather be in pain than anyone. As someone who lives with an enormous amount of guilt, his personality relates to me on an almost spiritual level at this point, even if I haven’t exactly experienced his circumstances. It makes me wonder if these expectations are also related to his anxiety and insomnia, even though this episode doesn’t touch on the insomnia aspect of any of our leads at all.

This is good because we are starting to delve more into the underlying causes of insomnia, even if they are not specifically addressed. We know that Ganta’s insomnia must be somehow related to his mother’s leaving because that seems to be the core of every negative thought this boy seems to have about himself and the way he handles things. Isaki could not sleep due to the anxiety of how she was born and the surgeries she underwent, leading to the expectation that she is this fragile creature who could still potentially be incapacitated at any waking moment. I like how this episode communicates Isaki’s struggle without even showing things from her perspective. Instead, Haya, Isaki’s sister, gives us a lot of insight into what exactly Isaki’s personality is and what life was like for her.

When someone is born with some type of physical disability or handicap, there will be people who overcompensate for how they treat those individuals in social settings. Isaki’s parents are the overprotective type who want their daughter to live a normal life but may not realize that they are not allowing her to live a normal life. They don’t want their daughter to think she’s a loser or different from everyone else, but they still put their daughter in situations where she’s given special treatment in some of the most obvious ways. It ends up having the opposite effect and making Isaki feel everything more because all he’s doing is drawing attention to the fact that she has this condition. She just wants to be treated like everyone else, so she keeps her heart condition and insomnia a secret from everyone.

I love how Haya emphasizes that Isaki’s opening up in this way to Ganta is a huge deal that emphasizes how special he is to her. I like that the main point of the episode was giving Haya her blessing so far and taking care of Isaki because he’s probably one of the few people who doesn’t see her as this weak creature that needs constant care. If anything, Ganta believes Isaki is the stronger of the two. He genuinely likes her because he thinks she’s amazing, which is likely something neither of them has ever done before; They end up playing a role that was missing in each other’s lives. When you couple that with the fact that the only time these two can get a good night’s sleep is when they’re with each other, it becomes incredibly powerful writing for a romantic relationship. Now that our experts have stopped playing together, with absolutely no oversight, it has me itching on the edge of my seat because I know something is coming, and I can’t wait to find out what it is.


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