Destiny / Fake Strange – Fake From Dawn – Review

Destiny / Fake Strange - Fake From Dawn - Review

anime“>Destiny / The Strange Fake – The Dawn Family –largely based on the first book in Ryugu Narita‘s anime“>Fate/Fake Stranger The series, however, is the opening chapter to a much larger story. Features over a dozen main characters – constantly switching between them as you build the setting to support the events of this highly anticipated anime series.

What we get is an exercise in controlled chaos: We don’t know what’s really going on — and we don’t know the characters in the story. Even hardcore fans wouldn’t be able to tell how much solid knowledge surrounding the Holy Grail War can be trusted, given the “fake” nature of this series’ fight. Sure, recurring concepts, like masters and servants, are present, but we also have police armed with servant killing weapons and a mysterious young woman who seems to believe she’s the mastermind behind it all. This all comes together to give the special a sense of mystery not found in many of the modern iterations of Saucepan Franchise – not to mention the constant feeling of tension and danger looming.

This is the kind of story that Ryugu Narita (to anime“>Durrara!!And anime“>Bacano!And anime“>Dead Mount Death play Fame) is the best in – and it shows in this animated edit. The different characters and their allegiances are very easy to follow – and it helps that, at the center, it’s a sequel to one of humanity’s oldest myths: The Epic of Gilgamesh.

While Gilgamesh has long been the primary villain of the Saucepan franchise, -Fajr family- presents it in a more sympathetic light. Sure, his ego and pride are on full display, but so is his humanity in a way we haven’t seen before. He cares for his young master, a girl who has the responsibilities of her people solely on her shoulders, and his delight in meeting (and battling) his lost friend from four thousand years is something to watch.

As for the new characters, they are surprisingly original. Instead of ordinary magicians, the Elder is common Saucepan Franchising, we have a police chief, a vampire, a comatose girl, and even a werewolf who acts as a pillow. Many of these characters—both masters and servants—are further distinguished from the past Saucepan characters because they didn’t seem to want the trophy in the first place. Rather, they are at war to stop it, to try it, or simply because they have been called to it. This means that it is a senseless war for most of them, a fake war in the true sense.

but while -Fajr family- It blazes a new and iconic path in many aspects, and the truth is that it still builds heavily on what came before. At the very least, you’re expected to at least know what a normal Holy Grail War is – meaning this isn’t the best place to start if you’re interested in getting in. Saucepan As a whole. However, this is one of those shows that gets infinitely funnier the more you get involved with the franchise.

The second Lord Millie, for example, is one of the main characters in anime“>zero fate And The Case Files of the Second Lord Milly– with Flatt as an important supporting character in the latter – and Gilgamesh appears in everything from the original anime“>Fate/stay night to Fate / Great Medal. Meanwhile, even minor characters with only one scene play a major role in other works – by Kishore Zelrich Schoenorg (anime“>Tsukihime) or ayaka sago (anime“>Fate/Prototype). The more you know about these characters, their lives, and how everything is interconnected, the more fun this special feature becomes.

But the story is only half of the product – the other half is the presentation. On the animation side, -Fajr family- Looks excellent. While using a significantly different art style compared to the more common art style Saucepan adaptations, the returning characters are easily recognizable. Meanwhile, Snowfield feels like an American city — not a Japanese city or a bootleg version of New York City. But, of course, in an anime that centers around a magical death game, it’s not the setting or the character designs that take center stage; It’s the battles.

When it comes right down to it, there’s only one major battle -Fajr family-– Gilgamesh vs. Enkidu – This is your highlight. While we have seen Gilgamesh wield his legendary sword, Ea, many times in Saucepan franchise, this time around makes it feel infinitely more epic – especially when clashing with the equally powerful Enkidu. If that wasn’t enough, the clash between the infinite number of flying swords of the two is equally astonishing.

However, while the animation is good, it pales in comparison to the music. Always amazing Hiroyuki Sawano (anime“>The attack on the GiantsAnd anime“>Kill like killAnd anime“>Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn) at the highest level with this special. It not only features great orchestral tracks, but many lyric-filled songs that punctuate important scenes and characters. Add in the stellar theme song “FAKEit,” and you’ve got yourself an easy-to-buy soundtrack.

All in all, as a Saucepan a fan, anime“>Destiny / The Strange Fake – The Dawn Family – is the most exciting Saucepan project in the past several years. It’s a great first chapter for a story that takes the usual form Saucepan and turns it in several new directions – making for a story full of new characters and hidden unknowns. And while it’s not the best point to break into the series, it’s one of those animations that gets better the more you immerse yourself in lore. Simply put, if this anime‘s mission is to generate hype about the upcoming TV anime, then it is sure to succeed.

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