Crunchyroll to stream Shy, Fluffy Paradise Anime; 3 one piece movies – news

Crunchyroll to stream Shy, Fluffy Paradise Anime;  3 one piece movies - news

Crunchyroll She announced at her panel at San Diego Comic Con on Thursday that she will be airing the anime“>shy And anime“>Heaven’s slave anime all over the world except Asia.

The company also revealed that it will stream the 2016 film anime“>One Piece Gold Film2019 movie anime“>One Piece DefendAnd the movie 2022 anime“>One Piece Red Film Starting July 27. The three films will be available in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Crunchyroll The first 976 episodes of the English dub began airing anime“>one piece On July 5th, the next batch of English-dubbed episodes will be released on July 25, consisting of episodes 977-988 (Season 14 Flight 8). English dub of anime“>one piece Available in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

anime adaptation with Pokemon Mickey‘s anime“>shy The manga will premiere in October.

Masaomi Ando (anime“>Astra lost in spaceAnd anime“>scum desireAnd anime“>School Live!) is directing the series in the studio 8 bits (anime“>blue lockAnd anime“>Climbing encouragement). Kousaku Taniguchi is the assistant director, Yasuhiro Nakanishi Writes and supervises scripts for soap operas. Yoshi Tanaka He is the main character designer, and Hinako Tsubakiyama compose music. MindaRyn She performs the opening song, “Shiny Girl”.

Yen Press Released in English, the series describes the story:

Earth was on the brink of World War III when super-powered individuals came from every country around the world, ending the conflict and ushering in a new era of relative peace. Among these protagonists, Japan is represented by a shy girl known as “Shy”. She may spend more time worrying about her flaws than she does fighting bad guys, but she’ll show the world that despite it all she still has the heart of a hero!

Mickey first published anime“>shy In the anime“>Weekly Shōnen Champion The magazine as a one-shot manga in January 2017, and then began serializing the manga in the same magazine in August 2019.

Crunchyroll He stated that it would flow anime“>Heaven’s slave in January 2024. The anime is currently scheduled to premiere in Japan in 2024. The anime is an adaptation Yuriko Takagami‘s anime“>Heaven’s slave – adaptation of the manga Himawari And Kiran‘s anime“>Isekai de Mofumofu Nadenade Suru Tameni Ganbattemasu (Literally, I’ll Do My Best to Pet Pets in Another World) Light novel series.

Junichi Kitamura (Director of the episode on anime“>Kuma Kuma Kuma BearAnd anime“>My wife is the student council president) is directing the anime at EMT squaredAnd deco acao (anime“>after rainAnd anime“>noragami) responsible for the scripts of the series, and Asami Miyazaki (The animation switch is on anime“>Inazuma ElevenAnimation director anime“>Major 2And anime“>Kaikitsu zorori) is the design of the characters.

Takagami launched the manga based on the novels Futabasha‘s anime“>Gogao Monster Website and application in 2017. cold It is publishing the manga in English digitally under the title anime“>Heaven’s slave. The company describes the series:

Midori Akitsu (27 years old) ends up in another world after dying of exhaustion?! I was reincarnated into another world after God blessed me with a special ability. This ability is “to be loved by non-humans”. huh?! Meaning that humans may not love me, but all kind animals will? Stop! I caress the white tiger and the dragon in my heart [content]! Having been reborn as Nima, the youngest daughter of a first-class noble family, I do everything I can for humanity’s survival (?) while enjoying the desires of this world.

Himawari The novel series launched on Shōsetsuka ni Narō in 2012, and the series is ongoing. across the infinite world The novels are published in English.

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