Colored pencil animation Japan animated Chinese novel Yash – News

Colored pencil animation Japan animated Chinese novel Yash - News

A fantasy about a shop owner’s connection to spirits in antiques set to be shown in mainland China in 2023

Chinese animation Company Colored pencil animation The group announced on May 29 that their studio is in Tokyo Japan colored pencil animation It is an animated production adapted from Chinese author Xuan Si anime“>Yash a novel. The project is scheduled to be launched in China by the end of 2023. The company has not announced any information about the project’s launch in Japan. The company also started broadcasting the promotional video for the project.

The story of the novel revolves around anime“>Yash Antique shop owner who has a special ability to talk to antique items. Spirits have eluded these for thousands of years–and with the shopkeeper’s help, those who have regretted the past reconnect with humans, fulfill long-cherished desires, and trust those who cannot trust themselves. As the stories unfold one by one, the relationship between the quiet and enigmatic shopkeeper and a kind-hearted doctor comes to the fore over the years.

Xuan first published the novel in China in September 2015, and it has since sold over 1.5 million copies.

Colored pencil animation The group established its own studio in Japan in 2018. The studio has since produced the anime series anime“>Obey me!And Fantasy hunterAnd hyogenHe has also contributed animation graphics in anime“>BorutoAnd anime“>Cells at work!And anime“>A certain scientific railgunand other anime titles.

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