BlazBlue Entropy Effect Game Launches Early Access Version – News

BlazBlue Entropy Effect Game Launches Early Access Version - News
Launch trailer streamed for Early Access version on PC via Steam

91Act launched the Early Access version of its BlazBlue Entropy Effect roguelite game for PC via Steam on Wednesday. The game’s staff also started streaming its launch trailer:

91Act describes the game:

90 years ago, an unprecedented earthquake ravaged Earth, unleashing menacing particles known as Entropy Particles from its fissures. People around the world died of Awareness Corruption once they were exposed in these fast-spreading particles. The survivors sought refuge on higher ground, and established a city called Sky’s City. To save humanity from the precipice of annihilation, the city’s governing body, SkyEyes, developed a program called ACE to help train people’s awareness and resist the corruption of Entropy Particles. The protagonist is one of the participants of ACE awareness training project. However, while overcoming one challenge after another in ACE, he is forced into various conspiracies and his choices will affect the destiny of the entire world.

The game’s Early Access version has seven BlazBlue characters, four large stages, one procedurally generated “Metroidvania” map, and 10 bosses. The full game will have multiple endings, but the Early Access version only has one. It is also limited to single-player gameplay.

The BlazBlue Entropy Effect game is priced at US$19.99 while in Early Access, but the game’s staff noted that there may be price adjustments when the game’s full version launches in the first quarter of 2024.

91Act exhibited the game at the BitSummit Let’s Go!! 2023 event in July.

Sources: BlazBlue Entropy Effect game’s YouTube channel via Siliconera

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