Berserk of Gluttony Anime Announces More Cast, Staff, October Debut, Crunchyroll Streaming ArchDaily

Berserk of Gluttony Anime Announces More Cast, Staff, October Debut, Crunchyroll Streaming ArchDaily

Crunchyroll Official Trailer Unveiled, New Cast Member, Main Cast, October Premiere, and Airing for TV anime Ichika Ishiki and fame anime“>Berserk gluttony (anime“>Bōshoku no Berserk: Ore Dake Level to Iu Gainen wo Toppa Suru) Light novel series during the Japanese exhibition session on Saturday.

Hisako Tojo He voices the character Roxy.

Tetsuya Yanagisawa (anime“>Dxd high schoolOrient) is directing the anime ACGT. Mariko Kunisawa (anime“>The rise of the bookwormOrient) supervising the scripts for the series, and Takafumi Furusawa It is character design.

The main cast of the anime includes:

Ryota Ohsaka Like the fate of graphite
fate. png

Tomokazu Seki Like a greedy black sword
greed. png

Seven Seas Entertainment It releases both the novel series and its manga adaptation in English, describing the story:

The fate of graphite is one of the abandoned. Cursed with the skill “Gluttony”, he starves, never being satisfied… until he kills a dying thief and devours a man’s strength – and his soul. The true hunger for the gluttony of fate had awakened, and if he could learn to control his power, he would finally be the master of his own destiny.

After releasing the story on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō service, Isshiki launched the first volume of fiction with illustrations by popularity in November 2017, and the eighth volume shipped in October 2022. Seven Seas The seventh volume will be released in English in October 2022. Micro Magazine Novels are also being released more frequently bunko appearance. the first bunko Quantity shipped October 2021, Volume 5 shipped September 2022.

Daisuke Takeno Release manga on Micro Magazine‘s anime“>comic ride website in April 2018. The ninth volume of the manga compilation books shipped in Japan in October 2022. Seven Seas The eighth volume will be released on July 4.

Source: Crunchyroll (Kyle Cardine)

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