Ayakashi Triangle anime to resume broadcasting from episode one on July 10th – News

Ayakashi Triangle anime to resume broadcasting from episode one on July 10th - News

The series premiered in January but there was a delay due to COVID-19

The official website for the TV anime movie Kentaro Yabuki‘s anime“>Ayakashi triangle Manga announced on Friday that the originally scheduled 12-episode anime will begin airing on July 10. The site also broadcasts a promotional video for the new movie. Broadcasting.


The staff postponed the fifth episode onwards in January due to the effects of COVID-19 on the production schedule. The fourth episode aired as scheduled on January 30, but reruns of the anime began on February 6, which was the originally scheduled broadcast date for the fifth episode. The fifth episode was later broadcast on 6 March after a delay, and this was followed by the sixth episode on 13 March. However, instead of the seventh episode on 20 March, a special recap of the first six episodes aired that day. A special was then broadcast the following week.

The first Blu-ray/DVD volume of the anime has also been delayed from March 29 to September 27. The following volumes two through six, from October 2023 to February 2024, have also been postponed.

The show premiered on January 9 in Japan, and Crunchyroll The series is broadcast as it is broadcast.

Noriaki Akitaya (anime“>Bakuman.And anime“>Dandelion Castle CityAnd anime“>slow loop) is directing the anime at communicatewith Ki Omabeki as an assistant director. Shugo Yasukawa (anime“>Hyper NeptuneAnd anime“>Food wars! Shokugeki no SomaAnd anime“>The executioner and her way of life) is responsible for scripts for the series. Hideki Furukawa (anime“>Strike the Blood IIIThe fourth and finalAnd anime“>High school battle girlAnd anime“>Rokujima Raiders!?) is the design of the characters. Jane Akitagawa is the audio output and Rei Ishizuka (anime“>A couple of cuckoosAnd anime“>Pripara) compose music.

Phys Media And Shueisha They both publish the manga in English digitally, and Seven Seas It publishes digitally and physically translated volumes of books in English. Seven Seas Describes the story:

Teenage Kazamaki Matsuri has long been part of an elite force of ninja exorcists, tasked with combating the malevolent ayakashi spirits that threaten Japan – especially those that are after his childhood friend, Kanade Suzu. While he is fiercely protective of her, and his relationship with her blossoms from friendship into something more, the powerful ayakashi cat vows to fly among the lovebirds: to cast a forbidden spell that turns Matsuri into a woman! With no apparent way to undo the spell, Matsuri must continue to fight the ayakashi – and back to school – in this new female body until he can find a way to return.

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