Aya Haruhana’s Kissing of Girls’ Scars Ends Manga – News

Aya Haruhana's Kissing Scars Girls Manga Ends News
Vampire yuri manga launched in 2021; Yen Press The first volume will be released in November

Kadokawa‘s anime“>Newtype comic The manga website has published the seventeenth and final chapter of the manga Aya Haruhana‘s anime“>kissing girls scars (anime“>Shōjo-tachi no Kizuato ni Kuchizuke wo) manga on Tuesday. The third and final volume of the compilation Manga book will ship on July 10.

Yen Press with the manga license, and the first volume will be released on November 21. Yen Press Describes the story:

Deep in a dense forest lies an all-girls academy, whose students share a secret – they’re all vampires. To learn to hunt without attracting human attention, the maidens forge blood brotherly bonds, but what fate will their bond bring…?

Haruhana Launched manga in anime“>Newtype comic in December 2021. Kadokawa The manga’s second volume will be published in December 2022.

Source: Comic Newtype

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