Asana Haine’s Layla’s Guardian is Bandman Manga Ends – News

Asana Haine's Layla's Guardian is Bandman Manga Ends - News

Haine teases new manga that continues “bandman” theme in November

This year’s 17th issue of Futabasha‘s anime“>Manga Action magazine published the final chapter of Asana Haine‘s Layla no Hogo-sha wa Bandman (Layla’s Guardian is Bandman) manga on Wednesday.

Haine also posted a tweet about the manga ending, and teased that they will continue the “bandman” theme with a new manga serialization in another company in November.

Haine launched the manga in anime“>Manga Action in January 2022. Futabasha published the manga’s first compiled book volume in September 2022, and the second volume on March 28.

The heartwarming comedy manga centers on the everyday life of a five-year-old girl named Layla, and Nao, the vocalist of a rock band, who takes care of her.

Haine launched the manga adaptation of Rino Mayumi‘s anime“>Jimi Hime to Kuro Neko no, Enman’na Kon’yaku Haki (anime“>The Drab Princess, the Black Cat, and the Satisfying Break-up) light novel series in Futabasha‘s anime“>Gaugau Monster magazine in December 2020. Futabasha published the manga adaptation’s first compiled book volume in April 2021, and the fifth volume on June 9.

Sources: anime“>Manga Action issue 17, Asana Haines’ Twitter account

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